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Home Care Clinical Supervisor - RN

Columbus, WI
The purpose of positions in this classification is to supervise the home health and hospice teams at assigned locations under the direction of a Home Care Clinical Manager. Ensures for the provision of appropriate home health care to meet state and federal regulations and reimbursement criteria. Job Responsibilities: This listing is not to be construed as all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. Supervises and monitors the provision and quality of care of home health and hospice patients for assigned locations. -Reviews admissions for accuracy and documentation (e.g. patient health status, functional status, services, living conditions, and social support) to ensure regulatory conditions are met for home care and hospice services and for the plan of care. -Audits patient charts to ensure for quality of care and appropriate documentation and follow-up. Reviews diagnoses, symptoms, changes in condition, visit notes, lab results, medications, treatment orders, discharge potential, etc. Verifies that the patient plan of care is appropriate and being followed. Ensures documentation is thorough and timely in accordance with regulations. Monitors for adherence to accepted standards of clinical practice and compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines. -Assists in and supports case managers in the coordination of care by reviewing and evaluating aspects of care and services and by helping to identify, evaluate and address health care issues. -Assists in clinical decision-making for patient care (within scope of licensure). Reviews concerns identified by staff. Clarifies and verifies diagnoses and relates diagnoses to patient care. Ensures patient symptoms and problems are properly described and being addressed. -Travels to patient homes and performs patient assessment and /or patient care duties. Provides day-to-day supervision over the patient care team (e.g. RN, LPN, CNA, Aides, COTA, OT, PT, OTA, Social Services staff, SC volunteers and volunteer coordinators) for assigned locations. -Provides on-going supervision, direction and guidance to staff. -Reviews and approves bi-weekly time and travel reporting to ensure for the accurate documentation of hours worked. Reviews and approves requests for leave. -Monitors patient case loads. Identifies conflicts and contacts Scheduling to adjust schedules as necessary. Monitors timely completion of required visits and follows-up with staff to ensure that missed and cancelled visits are handled in accordance with proper procedures. -Completes joint and individual supervisory field visits. Accompanies tenured staff on joint visits. -Evaluates staff performance. Monitors and documents performance on an on-going basis and provides regular feedback, coaching and counseling to staff. Recommends and documents development and personnel actions, working in conjunction with manager and Human Resources. Works in conjunction with Manager to ensure timely completion of performance evaluations. Ensures for new hire staff Department on-boarding and on-going training needs. Monitors staff completion of assigned trainings and intercedes as necessary to ensure for timely completion. Provides one-on-one training to staff. Meets with new hires to reviews goals and progress in meeting goals. Conducts project chart audits as necessary to ensure for quality of care and appropriate documentation. Contacts physicians to review appropriateness of offering palliative care and hospice services and interventions when the patient is determined to be terminally ill and may benefit from these services.
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